How to get my blockstack id's prior to v0.20 back into browser

I have ordered several blockstack id’s over the course of the last months. How can I have them in the blockstack browser, latest version 0.20.
With some new versions they disappear from the blockstack browser. This has happened to me already twice and now again with the latest version.
Extremely annoying.

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I have the same case.

Hey @jefvanbockryck, @omaks,

Depending on how far back you registered them, they may need to be explicitly transferred to your browser. The reason is that the wallet structure changed between v0.10 and v0.20. We’re working on a migration tool to facilitate restoring these names. Stay tuned!

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Thanks for reply @jude. How much time it takes? I want to register for tokens sale but I can’t do it because of it. Should I register one more id for that now or just wait while my actual id will be restored?

Hey @omaks,

Registering a Blockstack ID usually takes 1-2 hours, depending on how much load the Bitcoin blockchain is under.

The sign-up process shouldn’t require a Blockstack ID. If you’re having trouble with the sign-up process, could you post some more details on where it’s getting stuck? Thanks!

Tnx Jude, I feel a lot better now?
BTW @omaks , the blockstack token sale registration also works with the blockstack id provided by the browser, even if you don’t have a registered blockstack username (yet). I just did that and it works fine. Oef.

And now, by magic (?), my registered blockstack username ( has returned.
@jude, is this because I reused the same verified accounts (twitter, facebook)?
Anyway, this is great.

Cool, thank you! Sorry, I was wrong about sign up process for tokens sale, it works.