How to get an ".id.blockstack" user name if you already own names?

This is important to be able to test access my blockstack application.

We had to change our login to allow subdomains, but now we need to test on namespaces as well.
We can’t do that if we can’t get a user name on the “blockstack” namespace.

@larry ?

The easiest way to do that right now is to backup your ID, reset your Blockstack browser and go through the onboarding process again to register a .id.blockstack name. In the near future, sponsored name registrations will be enabled for existing ID’s.

Yes, that’s a rough way to do it in another wallet.

@jude, would it be possible to transfer this .id.blockstack name to the wallet that owns all my other names?
With “normal” names I’ve done this several times, but does this work with subdomain names?

@jefvanbockryck yes this is possible at the protocol level. The Blockstack Core node already knows how to deal with “transfer” requests (and we have lots of tests to make sure it works).

However, the current tooling does not support it yet. In particular, both the subdomain registrar needs to be updated to accept a “transfer” request, and the Blockstack Browser and Blockstack CLI need to be updated to support generating and submitting the “transfer” request.

EDIT: I opened issues for these tasks here and here

Tnx @jude. Could you notify me if the CLI supports this?