How to engage with Democracy Earth voters?

Hi Community, can someone please explain the process of engaging with democracy earth voters. It will be great if other app founders can share their insights about the same. I have been trying it for sometime but still haven’t been able to figure it out.

  1. I can see 26 stackholders there. Is there a way to engage with them individually?
  2. Are there any specific parameters that they are looking for? If it is shared, then we can make a better case in the comment section provided by DE.

Hi @vishnu thanks for the question and feedback! Right now, there is not a way to engage with individual stackholders. Communication can be done in the comments section of your app. The main parameters that voters engage in are whether or not they feel the app adds value to the ecosystem and if they feel the app should be supported. Have you been able to onboard and add comments in the debate section of your app?

I hope this helps!

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Hello all. I have attempted to do my due diligence, but am not finding in-depth information regarding the Democracy Earth voting process. It appears that the result of this voting process is instrumental in the overall outcome of the mining results, so my partner and I would like to make sure we have done everything we can on our end.

It does not appear that voters are participating in the comment sections of the products. As @vishnu has pointed out, there doesn’t appear to be any transparency in the way that votes are made. I am actually seeing “no” votes for the first time, yet there doesn’t appear to be any statement backing up that decision. This also applies for the “yes” votes. The third state is having no votes on a product. This translates to the product having no “Democracy Earth Likeability/Traction”, which in many cases, may be an unfair metric.

The votes just seem to be very arbitrary. Again, I could be misled, but that’s all one can infer with the information we’ve been provided. The docs at state that

Choosing how to allocate votes for a monthly payout of 100k is not a trivial task. …Voters are encouraged to inquire and provide feedback as much as possible.

Perhaps, voters could be required to post a statement along with their allotment of votes. This would be a step towards making those decisions much more clearer. As a developer for the Blockstack ecosystem, I see Stacks holders as important individuals, yet there seems to be little to no communication between the two parties. Is it possible for Blockstack to facilitate more communication, possibly even outside of Democracy Earth? I believe this is what @vishnu may be hinting at?


AFAIK, you (@brycedev) and @vishnu have the correct understanding–it’s basically the stacks holder’s opinions of the product and there is no requirement for them to explain the reasoning behind that–though some of them have been kind enough to share those motivations when the relationships looked suspicious.

When I think about what it would be like to be a stacks holder and to then have to face an ever increasing number of apps each month to render an opinion, it seems both cumbersome and unscalable long term (imagine if the App/Play store worked that way). Ultimately I suspect this will be supplanted by a user review system contributed to by the community of Blockstack users as has been discussed briefly in other threads.

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Hey @vishnu. I’m one of the stackholders on there. Happy to chat one-on-one in a private message if you’d like. The invitation is open to any other apps developers who have submitted their project to earn mining rewards :slight_smile:

Side note: I’ve suggested elsewhere that OI Chat, Hermes, Postly, or Stealthy open up channels for projects to receive community feedback - like a slack channel. Would still love to see that happen!


Hi All, Any voting process could only work if there is proper communication between the voters and the candidates. Even though we have a ‘debate’ feature in DE, everyone would agree that is not happening. Currently there are 4 scores; PH team, PH community, DE voting (likeability+traction) and trymyui and except for PH community voting none of them provide a platform for effective communication between voters and the developers. In the current process it’s hard to communicate a lot of things like context, updates, long term and short term goals for the app, vision etc. which might help voters to make a more informed decision. Any progress in making the engagement between the reviewers and the developers would make the entire process more fair and effective and I believe most of the app miners will only welcome such step. I’d be curious to know what other developers think about this.


Sure. Have messaged you.

If you use a very simple algorithm like this,

One LOL Product Hunt expert can review at most 23400 dapps >>> Problem solve! :sunglasses:


Side note: I’ve suggested elsewhere that OI Chat, Hermes, Postly, or Stealthy open up channels for projects to receive community feedback - like a slack channel. Would still love to see that happen!

In Stealthy, there’s a Democracy Earth channel that you could use for that purpose at the moment if you wish (

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Amazing! Didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing!

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@CBobRobison On matrix there is the blockstack community:

You don’t even need to use oi chat, any matrix client will do, here you see a list of options:

The nice thing with matrix is that you can even bridge to your telegram, slack, irc channels, …

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:+1: Didn’t know that @friedger.

:thinking: it would be awesome if we could bridge in LinkedIn and umpteen other Apps messaging too–and email while we’re at it. I miss the early potential of Jabber. Ironically, many contemporary messengers are based on XMPP to some extent, despite not being able to interoperate… Here is a short comparison between matrix and xmpp

And here is a list with all bridges: (including email)

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If I ever run into you in person, your beer is on me–finding out about that email bridge made my day :beers: