How make a long-term access token for access to storage

Hello, can you help me and describe, how I can make a long-term auth token for server-based application, if I need to access to gaia storage. As example, I need read and update file data with cron, and server can’t authenticate with client library. Do you want your users to share their private keys with your server? That looks evil :slight_smile:

You can generate a new identity/key pair for your server and then store the data in the server’s gaia bucket encrypting the data with the users’ public keys. Does that make sense? The server is just like another user. Users can share private data with the server by encrypting their data with the server’s public key.

There is a proposal and work done for scope gaia auth tokens, but it is not yet release in productions. The gaia server does support it since 2.3, however, the client library is still pending:

Thank you @friedger,

Auth token is a good thing, and after some time with surfing on this forum, I think the same way (make an application private key) . Sadly, Blockstack documentation not so good, especially for new developers.

And I was don’t want to thief users private keys, I was want to keep app functionality without session expire =)

What could be improved with the documentation?