HOW Is Blockstack a Blockchain?

I’m a data scientist and software engineer I would like to know the autonomy of BlockStack. What makes it a blockchain? In comparison to IPFS where i install a protocol system on my device AK: my computer making it a node on the IPFS network having full control over my data while it is hashed and encrypted and found online p2p via IPFS protocol.

How does block stack work? where would my app/files be stored? what guarantees my files and data is safe and some angry tech corporation couldn’t delete them? what makes block stack tick? I get the concept very well but as a developer, I would like to know how it works? and if it is possible to use IPFS with block stack?

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(Speaking as a developer myself) The blockstack’s storage is not a distributed storage in the sense that is replicated on several nodes. It is a decentralized storage in the sense that each user can choose where to store their apps’ data. It is a REST API the user can configure. This configuration is publicly available through the user’s zone file that is stored in a distributed network (the atlas network).

The REST API can be backed by any technology. It can be your own server, a cloud provider, IPFS, Safenet maiden or whatever will come up in the future. It is just a question whether the driver for the backing technology is developed. For IPFS you can find information here: Cannot find IPFS driver


@ob1Shaun You may find helpful our developer documentation which includes samples that illustrate this, FAQ, and more.

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you can also read the whitepaper, as it’s fairly simple to understand

storage is in section 6

basically, it’s not a blockchain – it simply uses the blockchain to decentralize “domain names” (which can be used as anything from usernames to website names) which point to assets. Gaia is the storage backend that is the decentralized link between the names/asset urls and the actual storage backend, effectively using cloud providers as dumb drives.