How does one add types to schema?

From the v0.3 schema:

        "type": "twitter",
        "username": "fredwilson",
        "proofUrl": ""

How does one add types? Are types defined by convention, by the schema or by a registry? If I register the passname +coolnewservice for my Cool New Service™, does it “own” the type namespace in profiles as well?

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As of now, by convention. A type is only valid if passcard galleries recognize the type.

Also note that v0.3 is just a proposal, it’s not set yet, so we should have a longer discussion around that.

v0.2 is the only version widely supported right now.

I have an alternate proposal for v0.3 that I want to post - I’ll get that up soon.

On thing is, now I’m wondering whether that proposal should go up on the GitHub or it should go here. Traditionally we’ve been using the GitHub for proposals.