How do you restart blockstack?

I installed Blockstack on my ubuntu machine and went to localhost:8888 and it all worked.

But after restarting my machine it looks like blockstack has stopped because I can no longer access localhost:8888

Do I have to somehow restart it? Not sure how to do that. Can anyone help?

Many thanks!

Hey @danmermel, sorry to hear you’re having trouble!

Did you use the Linux script from If so, you can start it again with

$ ./ start

You’ll need to make sure that Docker is running as well. You can check with systemctl status docker, and start it manually if need be with sudo systemctl start docker. Depending on how you installed Docker, it may already be configured to start on its own when you boot up.

Hi @jude, that worked! Thank you!

Docker was configured to start on its own. Now I just need to figure out how to make blockstack also start on tis own!