How do you reconcile easy access for new users with name squatting?

// , Thanks for the presentation & demonstration at Construct 2017.

It looks like this system has a lot more thought and effort put into it than many others in the space, and I was glad to see that it works with IPFS.

A friend of mine with experience in security, however, pointed out that some of the long term implications of the following issue might not be obvious:

However, do ways to resolve this specific issue without hurting users depend on how wide you expect future adoption to be?

It would be relatively cheap, as it stands now, to register the full names and variations of the top 100 heads of state, I imagine, right?

You’ll have to pay for human readable names in namespaces. “Free and unique ids” look similar to bitcoin addresses. Unless there are lots of people with namee like B-19MoWG8u88L6t766j7Vne21Mg4wHsCQ7vk-0, there will be a cost for name squatting.

If your concern is that prices for desirable names in .id are too low and that all the good names in .id will get taken, someone can create a new namespace. For example, you could create a namespace .vip and charge 1000 bitcoin for each name. may be taken, but he could still buy He could also create his own namespace .clooney and buy the name george.clooney