How do I invest in tokens in the USA

Here in the USA, taking part in ICO’s is considered illegal. So how do the bigshot American investors show as token purchasers of Blockstack ICO?

Do they just flaunt the rule? Is there just no way to QA this rule?

I am not sure why you say investing in tokens in the USA is illegal because it isn’t at least to my knowledge. I know certain ICOs aren’t open to U.S. investors, but the vast majority are. In August the SEC ruled they “might” be labeled as a security in the future, but to my knowledge no formal ruling has been issued. Blockstack hasn’t opened up their token sale to non-accredited investors for this very reason; they are trying ensure that any tokens they do issue aren’t considered a security by the SEC and have utility on the network.

Can you provide any sort of references for your claim?