How do i Create Shared Data on Gaia Storage

I understand working with Gaia after reading through the info in the blockstack docs, but i dont understand how i can use it for general data and shared date. Examples of these are;

  • Discussion between two app users
  • Forum threads that contain inputs from many different users
  • General website data that will be accessible to all users on the website

In summary, i want to know how some info can be generalized or made accessible to a group of users based on their connection to the specific data

2 Likes We have a project one of our developers created called Radiks. We are in the process of adding it to our docs. That would be the place to go for that kind of functionality.

We also have a community member who did several videos around Radiks, which you may find helpful.

thanks so much, i’ve been watching this thread for a while waiting for feedback
i’ll review all these and get back to you

Super, your feedback will be valuable.

also nice to meet the user in the tutorials

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Is it possible to do this without running your own server?