How do I create a Blockstack ID?

10/16/2018: See this documentation topic:

Every username combination I have tried is taken (even random ones) - how do I register for a new .id blockstack ID?

Best way on MacOS:
To fix “Every username combination is taken” error just restart your computer, that works for me.

So the best method, step by step, may be:

0/ You have Blockstack Browser installed: If you start from ADD USERNAME from IDs window, jump to 6.
1/ You do not have the Blockstack Browser installed: go to
2/ Search for your name typing “” on the search box. If your .id is “free”, the response will be “Ooops ! The name doesn’t exist.” or will show a owner “mnbhbu235j46ijnowejjybjb” with Expires field empty and just NAME_IMPORT, no NAME_REGISTRATION.
3/ Install de Blockstack Browser, open an account, write by hand on a piece of paper and make two copies of mnemonic 12 words phrase, DO NOT KEEP IT IN THE COMPUTER, DO NOT UPLOAD IT TO THE CLOUD, DO NOT COPY IT IN THE CLIPBOARD.
4/ Go to IDs
5/ Click ADD USERNAME. (or MORE and CREATE NEW ID if you want more than one .id’s)
6/ Try your selected name (without “.id”)
7/ If available, check the price.
(If you want to buy a name with your wallet empty the process is a little more complex because the transfer can take a long time and the process will seems frozen, so I recommend to supply your wallet before, go to step 8)
8/ Click WALLET
9/ Fund your wallet with the correct amount or more.
10/ Wait until you see the bitcoin amount in your wallet. Sometimes bitcoin net can take a minute or one hour (or 5) to perform the transaction depending on the demand of network operations, in the following link you will see approx. the time it will take to complete the transaction based on your fee:
10/ Back to ADD USERNAME
11/ Write your name and click search.
12/ Click BUY
13/ The process takes one hour or six blocks, DO NOT TURN OFF the browser or the computer for two hours.

I know it’s long but it’s worth it :slight_smile:


2 Likes I am new to Blockstack as well as to Bitcoin and I have been intrigued by what the Blockstack team is working to accomplish. I have what may be a very simple question but I’m looking for confirmation of my understanding. Regarding your comment below in your response, what is the process to transfer Bitcoins to my Blockstack Bitcoin wallet? Is it as simple as transferring a bitcoin balance from an existing wallet (e.g. Coinbase) to Blockstack using the QR codes?

If so, is it recommended that enough of a bitcoin balance is transferred to the Blockstack wallet prior to purchasing a username? I think the timing of all this is what is a little confusing to me. Thank you!

Hi,Yes, your argument is correct, I also recommend transferring enough bitcoins to your Blockstack’s wallet to register two or more identities… your name, your company … if you only have enough balance to register one and then Bitcoin fees increase or you want to purchase another one, your will pay Bitcoin transaction fees again to refund your Blockstack’s wallet (and sometimes the transaction fee is equal or greater than the cost of registering one identity).

Long names with numbers they are cheap and short names without numbers are expensive.

One month a go one identity cost: 80$
Today one identity cost: 20$

Allways based on Bitcoin fees… not Blockstack’s team fault.

Good luck

Thank you for your quick reply. Glad I had a decent understanding of the process and I appreciate your comments. Yes, I do realize that because the cost of a username fluctuates based on Bitcoin’s value it is not the Blockstack team’s fault!! :smile: Glad I didn’t buy a username a month ago! Thanks again for your help.

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