How can link aws s3 to gaia hub?

Hello Everyone,
I made simple To-do list Dapp and Now, I want to store my data into decentralized storage gaia. For that, I want to use aws s3 bucket. But, I don’t know how I can store my data into s3.
Here, is my config.json file
“servername”: “”,
“port”: “4000”,
“driver”: “aws”,
“bucket”: “todo-dapp”,
“readURL”: false,
“cacheControl”: “public, max-age=1”,
“pageSize”: 20,
“diskSettings”: {
“storageRootDirectory”: “/tmp/gaia-disk”
“awsCredentials”: {
“accessKeyId”: “",
“secretAccessKey”: "

“proofsConfig”: {
“proofsRequired” : 0

“azCredentials”: {
“accountName”: “”,
“accountKey”: “”

“argsTransport”: {
“level”: “debug”,
“handleExceptions”: true,
“stringify”: true,
“timestamp”: true,
“colorize”: false,
“json”: true


is it correct? what I have to do after that?