How can I verify my Twitter account?

PLEASE NOTE: Verifications need to be posted publicly and will NOT work if deleted.


Click prove my Twitter account.

  1. You’ll be prompted to enter your username. Must be your Twitter account username after the @ symbol. For the example below, the username is gina_abrams_. Do NOT include the @ symbol in the Blockstack Browser pop-up window.

  1. Next click Tweet Verification. This will take you to a ready made tweet! Do NOT change the text - the words “Verifying that my Blockstack ID is secured with the address” part is key to success!

Tweet it out! Will look like this:

  1. To get the URL, go to the tweet and click on the arrow on the upper right corner. Click “Copy link to tweet.” Go back to Blockstack Browser window, and paste in the link you just copied. It will look like this.

Click Verify and it will be all set! Might look red for a couple seconds while it collects data but will be clearly verified almost instantly. Here’s the final result:

And you’re all set!

If you are still experiencing problems, please try resetting your browser. Please see twitter privacy settings if you are unclear whether your post is public or not.

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