How Can I Verify My Github Account?

PLEASE NOTE: Verifications need to be posted publicly and will NOT work if deleted. The reason the software needs it to be left up is so other users can verify that the owner of all the accounts is the same.


Click prove my Github account.

You’ll be prompted to add your Github username. Please add the Github username without the @ symbol. For the example GinaAbrams is username for below example.

You will be prompted to create a gist. Copy and paste the text and include in BOTH the Gist Description and Body of the Gist. Will look like below. Do NOT change the text! You need the “Verifying my Blockstack ID is secured with the address…” part for the software to verify

The gist must be public, so make sure you click “Create Public Gist”

Once you’ve created the public gist, copy the URL at the top of github page. It should look like this:

Then back in the Blockstack Browser, paste your URL and verify! It should verify instantly.

If you are still experiencing problems, please try resetting your browser.

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