How can I send my STX from my old wallet to a new one?

Hi All,

I wanted to participate in stacking.

I tried to send my STX’s to OKCoin, sent some BTC to my StacksWallet, and received it.

But, I realized that I have the first version of StacksWallet and downloaded the newest Stacks Wallet for Mac.

Even I entered my seed phrases, waiting more than +45min, it says “processing,” and nothing happen. Is that normal? Should I wait or did I miss something?

How can I send my STX from my old wallet to a new one?

Thank you indeed,

Hey there, thanks for reaching out! I haven’t heard of this processing error. cc @markmhendrickson any tips on this?

To confirm, you downloaded the latest version from here, correct? Install Stacks Wallet for Desktop

And it says “Processing” when and where exactly? In the new Stacks Wallet immediately after entering your seed phrase? Or in relation to a transaction?

Hi Mark,
You are right; I installed it through the web link that you shared.
After I pushed the send button, it said “loading,” After I wrote my phrases, it turned “processing,” and nothing happened.
My STX tokens are still sitting old wallet.
Thank you for your reply,

I see, so the message shows up when trying to send STX.

To confirm, are you trying to send your STX from the old wallet here or the new one?

Note that the old wallet cannot send STX anymore and the message you’re seeing is typical of trying to send from there. Only the new wallet can send STX now, and if you set up the new wallet with the same underlying seed phrase as you did with the old wallet, your STX should show up there without having to make any transfer.

Hi Mark,

Yes, I am trying to send from my old wallet to my new wallet, my STX. And I wanted to use my STX for stacking.

Then, I am changing my request based on your explanation; I downloaded a new version of Stacks Wallet, I used the same phrases and expecting to have my STX there, But it didn’t. How can I fix that? Any advice? - like to remove and install a new version again?-

After I downloaded the new wallet, I realized that I would have two different STX addresses; I wondered where I would receive my STX’s, the old one or a new one? Do you have any comments on that?

Thank you for your reply.
Best regards,

Hi Mark,
I installed 3.1.1; yes, you are right that I can see my STX immediately in here.

Than, I tried to send STX from V3.1.1 to OKCoin but not succeeded. The information says “processing” after I wrote the phrases. Do you have any experience of how much time that I have to wait?

Or, should I send it from V3.1.1 to V4.1.0 and then send it to the OKCoin or wait until they complete the processing?

Best regards,

Hi Mark,
It is working. I reset the V.4 wallet and set it up again with the seed phrase. I received additional support from [email protected] I can be able to send STX for stacking.
I appreciated your support too.
Thank you.

Hey! Just to confirm, problem solved? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Gina thank you for your interest, yes solved. Big thanks to Ryan from [email protected] and Mark.
All the best,


Hi guys, I’ve had the same issue and thanks to this post - have solved the issue. Thanks for this. I was wondering if there was a way to retrieve the small amount of BTC I sent to my “old” wallet (v3.1.1) as back then, this was needed to move STX from the wallet. Many thanks, Thomas

Please see this FAQ for retrieving BTC from the old wallet: How can I withdraw the BTC I've deposited into the old Stacks Wallet?