How can I export the blockstack private key to a new computer?

I can’t figure out how to export the private key to a new computer or a new wallet.I’m new to the blockstack.Is it the same as bitcoin?But I even can’t find the blockstack wallet.So what can I do?Thanks very much!

The export feature is currently not there in the CLI. Can you please start a new Github issue under feature request?

Currently, you can manually export your private key by using the backup that was generated at wallet creation time. We can give you a quick tutorial on how to do this manually.

Hi @muneeb or @xiaoliang, has this tutorial been posted anywhere? I would like to reference it myself.

I’m interested in that as well. I assume the wallet backup is here: ~/.blockstack/wallet.json?

@ootoovak @pors Yup thats where the wallet file is stored. Just make sure to make a backup of that.