How can apps efficiently query data across multiple users?

First off: I’m very new to blockstack and super excited about the technology. One of my biggest questions at the moment is how the data storage/management model is going to work for large apps that need to work with data across multiple users. I’ve seen the Todo app tutorial, very straightforward: you create/update data via client UI and the data is persisted in static files in Dropbox or somewhere else. Great.

But from my experience, applications which work with any kind of non-trivial data schema need a database for efficient lookup. What happens when we want to build a Twitter-like app on blockstack? Is every user’s entire tweet history really going to be stored separately in their own private Dropbox folders? How would doing a global hashtag search work with such an underlying persistence layer?

Again, very new to this so forgive me if I’ve missed something obvious.

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There will likely be some sort of public indexing service.

@bootsz For an application like that you would need to build an indexing service as @larry mentioned.

One way you could do this is by crawling the .microblog namespace and looking in everyone’s storage for their /messages folder that would be managed by the microblog app. This would build up a cache and serve out timelines to users.