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Hiro's Focus Areas for Q1 2022

Hellllo out there, Stacks community! :wave: :stacks:

Anyone else getting really hype to make :two: :zero: :two: :two: blockchain’s best year yet? We certainly have big plans over at Hiro, and we’re not wasting any time working on improvements to tools you know and love. :hammer_and_wrench:

There is a new blog post hot off the press that outlines all of Hiro’s focus areas going into Q1 2022. The last year we saw an explosion in development in the Stacks ecosystem, so the coming year is all about taking it to the next level with usability, functionality, and support.

As for the blockchain, subnet prototypes are on the way. The API is getting a lot of love, with plans to separate into smaller services to simplify usage. Clarinet explainers and resources have been much desired by the community, and a bunch are in development. Stacks.js is getting some renewed attention and a strategic roadmap. Ledger support is on the horizon for the Hiro Wallet. Last but not least, Hiro is hiring like crazy! We want passionate people to join the fastest growing Web3 project on Bitcoin. :rocket:

Take a look at our Q1 focus areas to get a summary of what is on our plate for the next few months. Additionally, we outline some areas that we will definitively not be focusing on. That means those things are totally up for grabs to the savvy, open-source hacker who needs a weekend side project! :keyboard:

Excited to continue building a better internet with y’all in 2022!

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