Help with installations and checking the data flow via browser, registrar and then on bitcoin regtest network

Hi guys, i wanted to setup core registrar browser etc on my system i wanted to see whats happening behind the scenes, the bns name data flow from browser to registrar and then to bitcoin testnet
i wanted to know if there are installation instructions for the above, at one place if it is available somewhere ?
Also if it is not, has someone done this before, i might require someones help with this for installations

All these questions are now in more detail in the most recent reply

How is the namespace registered ?
and the namespace also needs to be registered before name right and these are done using blockstack-core ?
only after registering these i will be access the payment and owner keys
and i need help with someone explain the following in terms of regtest environment :

“domainUri”: “”,
“domainName”: “domain.NEW_NAMESPACE”, //I wanted to own a new namespace and then register this domainName
“adminPassword”: “ADMIN-PASSWORD”,
“port”: 3000,
“ipLimit”: 0

I want to register a subdomain on bitcoin teestnet/regtest and a local blockstack-core environment, i beleive these should be done beforehand
I wanted to do this to check the data flow and try running the blockstack environment on testnet/regtest environment

Can someone please answer the to do the below points on BITCOIN Testnet/Regtest networks

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  1. Make a namespace : .coolnamespace

I beleive this should be available when i get all the namespaces registered on blockstack-core node that is running on my local environment
How to register the namespace o custom node ?

  1. Register a BNS name / domain name : domainname.coolnamespace

I beleive i can do this using cli ? Now how can i do this in terms of testnet/regtest

  1. After doing this, i can run a registrar to register new subdomains, I wanted to know the keys meaning in the config file (i know about paymentkey,ownerkey and domainname, dont know what needs to be the other keys values)
    So after configuring the keys, i need to run it
    Lets assume that i run it after configuring it
    Now how can i register a subdomain?

@jude @aaron @zone117x @yukan anybody can answer this for Ashkit? :slight_smile:

Hi AkshitV, welcome to the forum!

These are very broad questions that are answered in several different places:

  • The whitepaper describes the general system architecture
  • The BNS overview will walk you through all aspects of BNS, and how each of the components work.
  • If you go to, you’ll see a tutorial on how to register a namespace and names on the testnet.
  • If you want to set up a private regtest, you should follow these instructions to install the integration test framework, which will set up a private Bitcoin node and Blockstack Core node, and let you run various name/namespace-registration scenarios.

Hope this helps!