Help Wanted: Help others as a Web Community Evangelist

Hey everyone, running a bit of an experiment here, let me know if you’re interested or have feedback for me!

The gist: Incentivize you to help us do a better job engaging with developer communities by sharing tools, guides, tutorials, etc. related to dapps, Blockstack, decentralization, blockchain, and more and to interact and help others in these communities.

Here’s what I just posted as a task on

Hey there, many of you belong to amazing online communities such as,,,, and countless more. We think these are amazing places to share resources about building decentralized applications on Blockstack. These communities could benefit from more exposure to the types of applications, libraries, tools, platforms, and more that are being built for the decentralized web and Blockstack.

That’s why we we’re looking for ‘owners’ for each of these sites (and please feel free to suggest more). As an owner, you would be in charge of connecting with the community in a genuine way, either by working with the team running it or as a member posting content yourself. You would regularly share tips, tutorials, etc. to that group of people and help us understand what other resources should be created. This is a really easy role if you’re already a part of these communities or regularly contribute anyway!

To get started, contact [email protected] with the site you’d like to take the lead on and schedule a brief call to explain you’re approach and where you would need support.

Together we will establish a posting cadence and set of expectations that makes sense for the site you’re owning and you will be rewarded every month you meet those. Rewards can vary per site, so we’ll adjust on an individual basis before you begin.

You in? Other ideas?


I can do it for and I do plan to write a few articles once I manage to successfully write my own application powered by Blockstack.

Btw, I think we can include in the list too. What do you think?


I’m already doing it, but could do it better! let’s talk


This is a fantastic idea, @cuevasm.

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Great suggestion, thanks! Ping me whenever you’re ready to start and we can figure out, we have a good connect with their team so happy to introduce and figure out the best way for you to lead that. Thanks!

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Emailed you back!

Sure. Will do.

I’ve been wanting to make a proper blockstack plugin for vue.js. If someone wants to tag-team vue.js with me (someone with more vue experience) I’m happy to tackle that segment.

Sweet! I believe @hank also created something?

I added a pull request to our app generator to make a Vue.js project, but it’s not a plugin that can be added to existing Vue apps.

Hi @cuevasm,
I think I am ready for the task.
Let me know any further details.