Help required for Gaia setup in Digital Ocean

Dear All,

I have been trying to set up Gaia hub on Digital Ocean following the docs..

After running the command to set up the Gaia hub in Step 8 :docker run --restart=always -v ~/gaia/hub/config.json:/src/hub/config.json -p 3000:3000 -e CONFIG_PATH=/src/hub/config.json gaia.hub, I am always getting the below response

Ideally, this should have started my Gaia hub on port 3000. Requesting your help on the same. Any leads on this is much appreciated. Thank you. cc @mustafaalam958 @jwiley

Hello Harini, I haven’t tested deployment on Digital Ocean platform given in the guide you have shared, so I’m not aware of this issue. Did you find any log messages (events in syslogs/docker logs) against this command in the /var/log folder of your VM?

Hi, @mustafaalam958 All I could find are the container logs below. Couldn’t find any logs related to the command in syslogs of /var/log folder. Thank you.

This may be due to a issue we recently uncovered with the gaia image.
a new version was cut: 2.8.2 that should resolve this issue.

alternatively: Gaia nginx container not starting - #25 by jwiley

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