Help! Not able to create an account because of OS

My apologies if this is a total noob move, but I am not able to download the browser because it says my OS isnt compatible. I bought this Mac in January of this year. I checked the settings, and it says I’m currently running OS 10.11.6, but that in order to run the browser I need OS 10.12 or later.

36 PM

I searched online about updating (again, a bit new to macs, but this seemed straight forward). I went to the application section, downloaded all the updates, but it says it’s still not 10.12 compatible. There wasnt any updates left to do.

Again, I apologize if this is a noob question. Would really love to be able to sign up and try out the service. Would appreciate any help in getting this set up so I can complete my sign up process.

Hey @jaybraham, sorry to hear you’re having trouble!

The OS X build requires 10.12. You may need to upgrade your installation.

Alternatively, we support Windows 10 and any modern Linux. If you wanted to set up a VM, you could install either of these OS’s and then install Blockstack within them.