Help name our smart contracting language

We’re getting ready to release our new smart contract language (in fact, you can already get started programming in a local environment using alpha builds as described here). The language is based on LISP and has two defining characteristics that add to stability, security, and precision:

  • The language is not intended to be compiled.
  • The language is not Turing complete. This allows us to guarantee that static analysis can be performed in a fast and efficient manner.

One crucial step is creating a name for this language. Again, we want to communicate stability , security , and precision . Some names the core team have generated are below.

Greek mythology theme such as Atlas or Gaia

  • Apollo
  • Titan
  • Tellus
  • Athena
  • Trident
  • Javelin

Metaphors for stability or trust

  • Polaris
  • Carbon
  • Radon
  • Radium
  • Sirius
  • Neutron

Metaphors for accuracy

  • Photon
  • Sniper
  • Arrow
  • Laser
  • Ray

Other ideas

  • Regulus
  • Basilisk
  • Minerva
  • SLIC
  • ALPS
  • Proof
  • Mise
  • Writ
  • Treaty
  • Tabula
  • Plinth
  • Parlay
  • Faro
  • Cinch
  • Tempo
  • Lemma

We want your feedback

  • Which name is best and why?
  • Which name is worst and why?
  • Are there other codebases with these names? Or similar names?
  • Have any new ideas to add?

My favorite so far is Polaris. To me, it conveys stability, trustworthiness, and accuracy.

Unlike most of other words for accuracy, it doesn’t have any immediate connotations of war.


Like keeping our theme intact:

Like the stars and molecular themes:
Polaris, Carbon, Neutron (think this is a pretty popular lib)


I like the idea of keeping with the Greek mythology theme. I vote for Trident, as it’s a tool used by a god vs a character in and of itself. Javalin is pretty dope too.


What about something to reflect the spark of human creativity and animating it with these smart contracts?

Anima : inward focusing part of the consciousness
…or even something else regarding creativity and animating life.


One thing about Apollo is that it stays with our theme of Greek mythology (Gaia storage, Atlas network) but also has the project Apollo meaning for accuracy and precisely landing a spacecraft.


Wanted something with lightning speed!! to make a difference. Just my thoughts :slight_smile:

Your Definition = A smart contract is composed of two parts - then the name of your new smart contracting language should be CENTAUR, a 2-part Mythical Creature - Strong, Fast, Unbridled

Ceous - is a good one - an elder titan, son of Gaia. As we’re pertaining to Blockstack’s “Smart” Contract and its different language design - this titan god of intelligence and deep questioning fits the name for it. -> The Smartest Contract there is while questioning other SC’s existing designs. :grin:

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How about a word in Asian language to add a bit more international flavor to the collection of words we already use?

Yan - means “language” in Chinese
Jian - means “sword” in Chinese, also means “see” (different characters are used for these two different meanings but with the same pronunciation)
Ke - means “carve” also means “guest” (different characters are used for these two different meanings but with the same pronunciation) - “carving” smart contracts onto the blockchain - immutable and precise.

If you are looking for 2-3 syllables words, we have a lot of choices in Chinese.

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I think you would write smart contracts in Legalese.

Apollo looks good if we want to keep the greek theme intact. Carbon and Neutron are equally good to inspire trustworthiness and stability.

Love Asian language but I think we should use Japanese.

Satoshi is Japanese word too :slight_smile:

There is an awesome list at github:

  • Basilisk is too close to Balzac
  • Trident was used as a layout engine in Internet Explorer. However, I like the idea of tools of greek mythology!
  • Tellus is too close to Telos and Tezos.

Bringing in a different culture is a great idea.

As Atlas is going away, the name could be from a different mytholgoy than the Greek one. What about Amrit or Kundali ?ṇḍali Guardian of the north. Related to Amrita (immortality - in greek mytho.: ambrosia).


I’d like to propose that we also need to brainstorm names that are completely unique, meaning they have no or few existing github repos, npm packages, and crypto projects. I started a list of names that could serve this purpose. Looking for more ideas please:

  • Formalize
  • Lockdown
  • LispZero
  • ZeroLisp
  • ZLisp
  • LiteLisp
  • Lispclear
  • MetaLisp
  • Tyson
  • Atomtype
  • Atomize
  • Freehold
  • Turnless
  • Axiom
  • Basis
  • Simbolic
  • Controlex
  • Nostradamus

Love Axiom!

I heard it will be called “Clarity”


I like “Controlex”, it sounds powerful :grinning:

Best of the lot, bounces off the tongue easy. Easy to remember spelling too, especially for non-English speaking clients.