Hello there my transaction failed

Hello my transaction failed. This is the First time Happening. I don’t know why and what to do?

Transaction ID


The transaction was “dropped” it could not get processed before it expired because the same address send a transaction using this nonce again and that one was processed instead. The nonce (number once) can only be used once so miners could not pick up this transaction and it expired.

It looks like this was send from a known central exchange address. If they have not yet creditted your account with the amount (because it wasn’t actually transferred) then you should connect with their helpdesk to let them know about the mistake.

You can prove that this transaction made no transfer because it has the “dropped” status on the explorer:
And the nonce (53141)

Was used by this transaction instead, with a higher fee which would give it priority (which is confirmed).

Binance seems to do this a lot, I am not sure why. Looks like a bug in their software to me.