Hardware wallet recommendation for stacks

Hi everyone,
I want to buy a hardware wallet to backup my security keys for stacks but have seen some posts about discontinued support for Trezor wallets.
Can anyone recommend a hardware device specifically for stacks?
Thank you.

Hello, we recommend a Ledger Nano S or X. Trezor is not currently supported.

The steps to connect to the new wallet available at hiro.so/wallet via Ledger are here: How can I use my Ledger device with the Stacks Wallet?

Hi @Gina, thanks so much for your advice, especially the guidance.
I knew I had come across some support email of this kind but could not locate it.

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Absolutely! :slight_smile:

Hoping soon for support for NGrave http://ngrave.io

I use the Ledger Nano X with the Hiro wallet and I can say that it works. STX has not been incorporated into Ledger Live (the Ledger iPhone app) but other than that no complaints.