Group Invite

After a successful meetup, I wanted to send Blockstack Forum invites to all attendees and I am not able to send more than 10 invites.

So please help me in sending group invites and also adding participants to Blockstack mailing list.

This will help them to get started.


Thanks @cuevasm I will send individual mail and ask people to sign-up to Blockstack Forum on their own. Will also ask them if they are interested in joining Afari Wait list & other dApps.

Yes thanks Shankar! We do want to be very careful about CAN-SPAM/GDPR as I explained. A mass email to the folks that registered with a handful of links/ways they can connect with us further is perfect. Next time I suggest just using the Meetup interface to have people RSVP for your event so that you don’t have to worry about this next time and they will automatically be able to talk to each other and see next events. From inside Meetup you can then message them to check out the forum, apps, etc.

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I can help you with it by sending group invites on your behalf.