Graphite: Writing from right to left?

Unortunately I can only write from right to left on my huawei tablet. In other words: I cannot use Graphite. What do I do wrong? Thank you in advance.

This was a bad oversight on our part with the new editor we just released. The old editor had that support. Let me make sure we get a fix out by next week for you. Sorry about that! I’ll post back here when that’s done.

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I may have misunderstood your question, so let me back up:

-Are you trying to write left to right but your tablet is only allowing you to write right to left? OR
-Are you trying to write right to left, but you can’t figure out how to do so?

I was incorrect in my previous post. We did actually continue support for right-to-left languages in the new editor. So you should be able to just type in your language and it will automatically work.

Since I am German: your first point. All my other dApps work properly. The cursor takes a step to the right after displaying the last letter. But Graphite takes a step to the left and ends before the last letter.

Thank you for your prompt reaction.

That’s really strange. This is only happening on your tablet or is it happening on all devices?

On my windows pc within my chrome browswer everything works fine.