Graphite & Stealthy Integration

Hi Everyone,

With more developers and teams building DApps on top of Blockstack, it’s exciting to see organic avenues of innovation being created between projects. A perfect example to highlight is the announcement today of the first ever integration between two functioning, completely decentralized third-party apps: Graphite and Stealthy.

The integration shown above allows users to communicate through Stealthy when inside Graphite, all while maintaining complete encryption and data ownership. Historically, this type of innovation would most likely require an existing platform to build out the new features internally or pursue a long and potentially costly business development process to ink a partnership. With data portability, however, the barriers to innovation like this are drastically lowered without compromising user privacy.

We hope this will be the first of many cross DApp integrations on top of Blockstack. Imagine a world where, as a user, you are able to mix and match the services and platforms of your choice to create your optimal digital experience. While this type of innovative collaboration is not incentivized by the prevailing business models of the internet today, in a decentralized world it allows developers to easily by building bridges to other DApp ecosystems.

Looking forward to hearing what you all think about the integration between Graphite and Stealthy, developer innovation enabled by data portability and modularity, and how this world benefits the end user. We would absolutely love for this to turn into a community wide discussion and brainstorm.



This is what the world should mean when they say they want data portability. But I don’t think the world knew it was possible. So they’ve fallen back on Facebook’s version of data portability which just means exposing your data to other apps.

Graphite and Stealthy hope this will lead to a wave of cross-application portability without users ever losing ownership of their data.