GitHub Repo Cleanup Announcement

Hey all,

We’re announcing a new technical initiative: cleaning up the stacks-network Github repository. We’d love the community’s feedback!

tl;dr - We will keep active repositories (such as stacks-blockchain) in stacks-network. Over the next several days older, non-maintained, or otherwise defunct (what we’ll call “legacy”) repos will be moved to a new repository, which we have named stacks-archive.

I’ve also created stacks-cybersecurity for security-related items; feel free to star that as I add material over the coming months.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to me or another official Stacks Foundation team member.

Head of Security, Stacks Foundation



  • Move all non-blockchain specific repos to a different repo.
  • Archive all legacy repos in a different repo.
  • Create a cleaner code footprint.
  • Make it more accessible for new contributors to pick an area to participate and contribute in.
  • General security and DevOps improvements.

General Approach:

  • Catalog usage of known repos.
  • Move all documentation/organizational docs to a single repo.
  • Move all legacy repos and move to the new archival repo stacks-archive
  • Move any remaining non-blockchain or -adjacent repos to an appropriate place on Github.
  • Adjust security and tooling as needed.


Repos To Archive:

Deprecated Repos:

  • bounties
  • clarity-js-sdk
  • clarity-vscode
  • daily-scrum
  • design-system
  • designs
  • discord-automod
  • keylib-py
  • python-utilitybelt
  • stacks-brand
  • stacks-community-projects
  • stacks-wallet-gh-actions-test
  • virtualchain
  • website-starter-kit

Legacy Repos:

  • app-mining
  • animal-kingdom
  • atlas
  • atlas-monitor
  • blockstack-android
  • blockstack-app-android
  • blockstack-app-generator
  • blockstack-bootstrap
  • blockstack-browser
  • blockstack-collections
  • blockstack-consensus-data
  • blockstack-explorer
  • blockstack-files
  • blockstack-ios
  • blockstack-ledger-signer
  • blockstack-proofs-py
  • blockstack-react-native
  • blockstack-search-indexer
  • blockstack-stats
  • blockstack-storage-js
  • blockstack-todos-vue
  • blockstack-utxo
  • blockstack.go
  • BlockstackCoreApi-iOS-deprecated
  • cli-blockstack
  • docs-api
  • evangelists
  • keychain
  • keychain-manager-js
  • photoblock-demo
  • packaging
  • radiks
  • radiks-server
  • stackit
  • stats
  • transaction-broadcaster
  • zone-file-py

This is a great initiative! Some comments:

  • Make it more accessible for new contributors to pick an area to participate and contribute in.

This is a great goal.

  • Move all documentation/organizational docs to a single repo.

This is also great and I’d suggest we use stacks-network/stacks for this. That repo already has some contributors and people watching changes on it etc.

  • Move all non-blockchain specific repos to a different repo.

RE this first point I want to make is about L2 framing vs a blockchain (using implying L1). Here is a good Github issue/discussion I started about it and there seems to be support to use the name stacks-core for the reference implementation.

Secondly, and more importantly, I think that a repo should exist on stacks-network org if it’s useful to a lot of developers (vs if it is directly related to stacks-core or not). Using the criteria that (a) is a repo actively developed and (b) is it useful to devs in the ecosystem and (c) not owned by any single entity for their business use can be a potential test to see if a repo should be on stacks-network org.

I’m curious to hear what other people think. I’d personally want to avoid fragmentation where new devs see only a few active repos under stacks-org. I’d love to hear from other folks – thanks!


To your second point, i think that’s a place we’d like to get to - but the first step is cleaning up what we currently have in the org.
to compile the list that @Keewenaw shared, we considered both a) and b), but i can see a path to adding c) in the near future.

perhaps a short readme about what repos are in the org would be a good PR for the GitHub - stacks-network/.github: Repository to hold defaults such as CONTRIBUTING and CODE_OF_CONDUCT repo. we do have an open PR (stacks-network org README by wileyj · Pull Request #5 · stacks-network/.github · GitHub) for the initial org readme update - a file addressing your second points could added to this repo to standardize what repos are in the org.

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Following up - since this was announced a week ago and we haven’t heard any concerns about not moving any specific repo, we’ll start doing the needful and moving repositories out of the stacks-network org, and into the stacks-archive in the coming days.

if you notice any issues, please let us know here or in discord.

Repos moved…if you’re expecting a repo to exist in stacks-network and it does not, check stacks-archive.

If you believe a repo was moved mistakenly, let us know here or open an issue