Github and Twitter can not verify

Verifying my BLockstack ID is secured with the address 1LbKpnskgNDruiJUA19WXxyWZdXJuheGdP


Don’t know what do next, not sure how I know his has been verified. Please help only 2 days left for the voucher.

Greatly appreciate.

Hi! Your proofs are valid and passes the test.

$ ./validateProof.js 1Pn1eL1TmdnKqHwUYs4iqS84p3yEcGqE3j
Validate github (
Validate twitter (
[ { service: 'github',
    proof_url: '',
    identifier: 'kentkkl',
    valid: true },
  { service: 'twitter',
    proof_url: '',
    identifier: 'kentkkli',
    valid: true } ]

If they don’t show up as verified in your blockstack home page, make sure you have your backup keychain phrase, and Reset your local storage for blockstack home page. After you’ve done that, you will need to refresh and write in your keychain phrase. Wait a bit (10sec should be enough), and your proofs should come up as validated.

Also check the console for any errors if not. You might have a problem with the CORS proxy like some people above if not. Possibly because of some firewall or other software interfering on your computer? Maybe even something already taking the 1337 port.

Another way to get around the CORS issue is to try the more tricky guide for using blockstack without an installation. But better if you can make it work locally.

Hi, you don’t seem to have uploaded anything to gaia.

$ http
HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

Did you use the faqs? What is your actual problem, it’s not very well specified :slight_smile: What did you do, what did you expect to happen, etc?

Your CORS proxy isn’t running from some reason. It should be running on port 1337 as you see there. Maybe you have something else running on 1337 so it failed starting? Maybe you have a firewall blocking you?

I uploaded on Facebook and LinkedIn

Well, how? First of all, did you follow the Facebook guide?, please read and follow it.

Then: Can you show me screenshot of your browser maybe? Can you check the Javascript console for any errors? What OS and browser are you using? Did you have an earlier install?

Can you link to the Facebook post you are using? It sounds like you have a local problem of some sort, but there’s far too little information to help right now :slight_smile:

do you mean click on “Reset Browser” from “SETTING" ? I did, but it still shows unverified. If my proofs are valid, can I register for token sale now?

Could I wrote about this error in my research GitHub vs BitBucket vs GitLab ?

i cannot verify. please help.