Getting Data from Gaia for Server Side Rendered Applications


I was wondering if it was possible to retrieve user data from Gaia storage on the server for the purpose of server side rendering data-hydrated web pages?

I’m building an app with Next.js and I wanted to be able to include spiderable open graph meta data from the user’s blockstack profile / public storage for rich sharing. Normally, I’d just make a network request in Next.js’ server-side getInitialProps but any calls to blockstack seem to need window to be defined.

I’m wondering if it is possible to retrieve this data server side. In a similar vain, it would be useful to have a server side check for isUserLoggedIn for auth-based redirect logic.

Any advice on this topic would be greatly appreciated!

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I believe this is theoretically possible but we haven’t completed default support for Node given conversation and workaround guidance here:

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For server side rendering you probably don’t need to use blockstack.js

The following steps worked for me (

  1. lookup the name using a public node
  2. parse the zone file and retrieve the value you need

Yeah, currently it’s not super possible using the default functions within blockstack.js. After the new version is released which will allow new storage strategies/drivers to be used, I could see a cookie storage provider working where the user would auth once, then that data would be saved into a cookie which could be read by the node server and then you’d use that to do your fetches within getInitialProps.

However, if you’re just trying to get non-app-specific data, there are public apis you can fetch from listed here: