Getting and verifying identity of a user


In my Android app which uses Blockstack Auth, I need to get the identity of a user (not the current one) for verification. I think I need to have the app-specific key of the user to prevent possible MITM attacks in my client-server app. So, how can I achieve this goal without using my app’s server? Is it possible to get a user’s app-specific key and be sure that it doesn’t belong to the-middle-man by using Blockstack API? Thanks in advance.

@altuncu have you done a forum search? There are several topics that touch on this Maybe you could review this and add a question here which contains @aaron 's summary of the topic.

I am trying to install the app, every thing is done. But it floating at authenticity. And not further proceed.

@richardy Sorry to hear you are having problems. Can you file an issue on the repository:

Include this information in your issue:

  • the operating system you are using and the version (for example, Windows 10).
  • the browser you are using and its version (for example, Chrome ersion 69.0.3497.100)
  • A screen capture of the problem

Keep in mind, it is not necessary to install the Blockstack Browser on your machine . You can simply use the Web version:

If you decided to use the Web version, uninstall the browser from your local machine.