General smart contract questions

I’m not advanced user or a developer, so please explain like you’re talking to the stupid kid that failed drawing class.

Is it possible to create escrow or NFT contract that ‘accepts’ Bitcoin or STX token should be always used for transactions? Can stacks smart contracts be used the same way Ethereum smart contracts are used - having website and the smart contract handles payments or escrow, lets say. Also, what should I expect to pay for a simple Stacks smart contract? I put the pricing question because when talking to Ethereum developers they would give approximate pricing for a simple contract, and escrow was the most common example. Also, what’s the best place/website to hire Stacks smart contract developer or an agency?


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Hey there @danskic!

Thanks for posting some questions, and I’m thrilled to hear your interested in using Stacks technology.

It’s definitely possible to create and escrow or NFT Clarity smart contract.
For example, here is an NFT contract: clarity-js-sdk/non-fungible-token.clar at feature/web-ide · friedger/clarity-js-sdk · GitHub

And here is an escrow contract: clarity-smart-contracts/escrow.clar at master · friedger/clarity-smart-contracts · GitHub

Stacks smart contracts can in fact operate in very similar ways to Ethereum smart contracts, but can even be more secure! Furthurmore, the functionality you mentioned (having a web front-end and Clarity smart contract back-end) is certainly doable.

What do you mean by pricing for a contract? Are you looking for a Clarity dev to do contract work, producing a smart contract you can use in an application? If that’s the case, I’d say the rate would vary based on the developer! I think a good place to start would be to post around the Stacks discord, asking if anyone can help you out. That’s where the most expert Clarity devs hang out, and they’re usually looking for a new challenge!


Is it possible to receive bitcoin rather than STX to a clarity smart contract or check that a bitcoin address has received a bitcoin transaction?