Gambling apps

There are a lot of gamblers, devs should build gambling apps. It’s a great opportunity.

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so what’s the purpose of this post?

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To encourage developers build gambling apps.

Last week, I met Otis (from LA, USA). We talked about Blockstack. He told me that most Blockstack Core Devs come from Princeton. And because of that, they think and see the world quite different (might support good apps based on their views - and a few other things) .

Me and him both agreed that developers should have gambling apps, pirates bay- like apps, Reddit-like apps (EU ban memes), etc. But Otis told me, maybe those apps is too low for developers build… And he asked me “did you tell Blockstack Community what you think…”

And here we are. I posted it and you asked me why.

Good purpose! Nice project! Supported :grin:

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