Gaia performance in Asia

A few users are reporting performance issues with apps when they access them from some Asian cities. My hunch here is that the app performance issues are linked with the underlying Gaia private data lockers and the fact that the default/initial hub is hosted in the US.

Would love to see a deeper analysis of this and potential solution. Maybe there is a need for Gaia hubs that are geographically closer to users in Asia?

Sure @muneeb and thanks for addressing.

Based on Guangzhou city,Guangdong provience,China.

Some points:

  • Use Cloudflare as the CDN service

  • not put js and css files on the blocked ip address by China firewall.

  • Do gaiahub has own servers like linode or digital ocean? Or rent some vps/host for storing data?

  • Singapore is a nice place to host Gaia hubs.

@jude @muneeb

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One straightfoward thing we could do is run a handful of Gaia hubs in different availability zones (paired with a handful of different cloud storage buckets), and have the on-boarding flow give the user (1) a default-selected hub based on their IP address, and (2) present the full list anyway so the have a choice. This would have the added benefit of implementing most of the necessary infrastructure for setting up and deploying “public-use” Gaia hubs in the future.