Gaia Notifications / Data-Subscriptions

I have a simple app ready, and when my account is logged in two browsers, I won’t really know when one of the browsers updated some data (on the same app / account)

Is there a way to notify all other logged-in-app-instances ? Or is it maybe even planned as a feature someday?

Couldn’t find any solutions yet, but I guess these would be the possible ones:

  • have a separate server to handle notifications
  • refresh every X seconds if there is new data available?

Or is there something I missed ?

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Radiks is a server and could help to notify users as soon as the indexer has discovered new data that might be interesting for the current user.

Polling is usually not a good idea due to increased power and bandwidth consumption (

There is also a proposal for inbox on gaia. However, that is more for multi-user apps: Proposal: Gaia Hub Inboxes