Funds in

Hi, I just learned to deprecation of… The stacks 2.0 page is very light on info (at least through my ctrl+f powers) on what we (old blockstack id and wallet users) should do to prepare for migration but I think I found a post in this forum stating that at some point in 2021 the old browser/wallet will stop working.

I currently have some btc in that wallet. Do I need to transfer that out (and spend btc on transfer fees) or is there an alternative? (ie. can blockstack seed phrase be imported into a btc wallet so I can fully control those funds?)

Also, can I transfer those funds to a 3xxxx type wallet (I believe it’s called a P2SH address)?

any help would be appreciated

PS. btw… what happens to GAIA storage in Stacks 2.0? are we safe to continue to use existing dapps that use GAIA storage? I worry I will lose access to data stored in it.

Gaia and ID’s still work on 2.0
I can log into Sigle with my ID and all my previous blog posts are there.