Friedger Stacking Pool

I am happy to offer my services as a delegatee. I will stack your Stacks at my best effort. Reasonable amount for delegating can be as low as 100 STX. I will payout in STX proportional to your contribution to the pool. 100% of the converted BTC reward will be distributed. The coingecko price will be used. Your Stacks will be stacked for 1 cycle only.

More than 70k STX have already been delegated.

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Isn’t it possible to continuously stack with you until I revoke the delegation in my wallet?

Thanks for building this! What is the delegatee address and where can I find that?
Thank you

Is there a particular reason why you offer to pay rewards in STX instead of BTC?

How to make sure that the stx(money) is safe to deposit to your individual address? Is there a third party to check this?

Your stacks do not leave your account. You give us authorisation to manage your stacking.

We can lock your stxs for up to around 6 month and I manage the rewards for you. There is no other guarantee secured by 3rd parties. The protocol does not provide it. All actions are on chains and you can verify yourself.

We plan to provide a security bond for cycle 4. We hope that the Stacks Wallet will improve in this area by then.

Can you give more details on this “Security bond”. What does that mean?

Hi Friedger, I’m considering participating in the pool. To see if I understand well:

  • for the 1 cycle stacking you already have > 17k STX, so still some more to be delegated before you reach the min. 80k, correct? What if the pool doesn’t get to 80k?
  • for the multple cycle stacking you still have no one that delegated STX, correct?

Best Regards

The pool has already 450k delegated stx for next cycle, each pool address has already the required static minimum of 50k STX. All four delegatee addresses will be used with the same reward address. Therefore, the dynamic minimum is not an issue.

The Wallet won’t be ready to handle smart contract calls by next cycle. Therefore, the security bond is not really an option at the moment. To increase trust you can check that the pool address (currently) has enough stx to payout rewards.

Thanks for your answer. Is there any way for an outsider to publicly follow up on the amount of STX delegated to the pool address? For the multiple cycle address it shows for example that no transactions have taken place yet?

There is no easy way. You have to go through all transactions of the pox contract and add up the numbers per delegatee address.

Hopefully, there willbe better tools soon.

Sorry for all the questions, just trying to understand the basics as this is my first time:

  • why is the last transaction on the 1 cycle delegate address from 10 days ago? Am I looking at the right address?
  • Why are there no transactions on the STX delegate addresses for 3 cycles, 6 cycles etc?

The pool address is only seeing transaction when the stacking/locking starts shortly before the next cycle.

These addresses have not yet locked/stacked any tokens.

You can see all delegation transactions on the pox contract:

Thanks! I just delegated my STX for 3 cycles :+1:

Hi Friedger. Are you still supporting stacking for 12 cycles? Looking at your page, I see two addresses for 6 cycles. Thanks!

We decided to drop the 12 cycles. The stx will be locked for 6 cycles only. The reasons is that we don’t want to pool during the planned hard fork in August.