Forum organization proposal

I’ve been doing an “audit” of sorts and will be making suggestions over the next couple of day about how to improve the organization of our community hangout areas so that it’s easier to find things and participate.

First, I’d like to propose the following forum thread categories, some the same, others new:

  • Announcements (community announcements: new companies, products, projects, etc)
  • Apps (Blockstack apps)
  • Articles (news from around the Internet relevant to Blockstack)
  • Authentication (Blockchain Auth)
  • Bitcoin (all things bitcoind)
  • Blockchain ID (profile schema, data security, galleries, registrars, etc)
  • Blockstack (GitHub discussions)
  • Events (event announcements, notes, reviews, media, etc)
  • Hiring (For people in the community looking for a job and organizations in the community looking for employees. Can also include part-time/contract gigs)
  • Meta (about the forum)
  • Naming (Resolvers, namespace policies, new namespaces)
  • Other projects (doesn’t fit into other categories, still Blockstack related)
  • Random (off-topic)
  • Storage (DHT, Syndicate, Chainpoint, personal servers)

CC @larry @muneeb and anyone else who has a vested interest in categorization :wink:

I would like your feedback about the Naming and Storage categories. I created these two categories rather than one Blockstore category because Blockstore is really two things: a tool for registering names in the blockchain, and a DHT to host profile data off-chain. The point of separating these into two topics is so that people more concerned with e.g. name resolvers, namespace policies, name formats, etc can go to naming, and others more concerned about where the profile data is stored can talk about that in storage.

I also welcome feedback about any of the other proposed categories, and suggestions for additional categories if I missed anything important.

Great initiative!

Yeah this exists in the public Slack as well. There is #blockstore (for commit messages from Github and technical troubleshooting etc) and then #naming and #storage are separate. I think this is fine. Interestingly, in Blockstore we push the high level design of separating “control plane” from “data plane”, turns out that naming resides in the “control plane” and data in uh “data plane”. So there is another angle to this natural separation as well (other than just people being interested in these things separately).

The categories in general look great. Some comments:

– A high-level feedback is to try and keep the categories close to the Slack channels (just for simplicity). I think it’s already pretty close.

– A second high-level feedback is to start with less categories and fork a category if there are too many messages of a certain type.

– Not sure about Blockstack (for Github discussions), the Github discussions will be on Github right?

Yeah definitely. I’m going to be looking at both and seeing where we can cut down in some areas and add in others. When I’m done, both Slack and the forum should more or less match. In fact, making them a mirror-image of each other would be ideal. Long-form discussions in the forum, short bursts of real-time dialogue in the Slack.


For sure, good catch!