Fighting spam and phishing attacks on our Slack

We’ve had an open/automated invite system for our Slack community since we started it in summer 2015. Two years later, we have a strong community of 3,300+ members. Our community and discussions are mostly focused on engineering and we have a shared passion for building decentralized apps. In recent months, we’ve seen a lot of phishing attacks and attempts to promote various crypto tokens that are not relevant to our community. To better protect our community against phishing attacks and to maintain the quality of our discussions, we’re switching from an automated invite system to a process where new users will submit 1-2 lines about why they want to join our Slack and we’ll manually approve the request. Our intention is to filter out spammers and we don’t expect to deny many requests.


Muneeb, hello!

I watched the video with you and Ryan Shea and was really impressed. You are doing a great job! I sincerely wish you success in your journey!

I found you through this post because our team have faced the same problem with spam in Slack… Could please be so kind to advice whether the TypeForm helped you to protect Slack community from spam? Have you tried any other ways?

Thank you in advance for the answer.

Yes, it helped a lot! It required a bit of a manual effort to approve accounts now and sometimes honest users need to wait 24 hours or more before their account gets approved but it’s totally worth it. The incidents of bots spamming people went down significantly.

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Hello can you please write down here the slack invite link?