FB's coin contract language

I’m a non tech guy, don’t be offended but how complex is it to make the smart contract languages similar to one another. How hard is it to make clarity similar to solidity(in a sense it’s similar but i mean so similar that a eth dev could pick it up in an hour similar). I mean there would definitely be some trade offs going from one language to another but are the differences so big that a Ethereum dev can’t comprehend the use of clarity for executing smart contracts.
That brings me to the main question how hard would it be for clarity to be similar to move (Facebook’s coin contract language). I get that clarity might be coming from Javascript language but how hard is it to incorporate two or more scripting languages into one smart contract language so that Devs from one community and move between each other without friction.
I know blockstack uses Javascript for most part and Ethereum does use it a bit too.
Feel free to correct me on anything.