Faucet working?

I’m trying to setup a miner node on testnet, but can’t get either STX or BTC

Is the faucet (https://testnet.blockstack.org/faucet) working? After 24h, the blockstack-cli balance still shows a balance of 0 for STX (yesterday, the request was hanging…), and the BTC faucet says “Please enter a valid Testnet BTC address”, but the real error seems to be “Error: not enough total amount in utxo set: 0”

I do have testnet BTCs, but you are not using the main bitcoin testnet, but a regtest, right?

So the miner node switches back to follower complaining I don’t have any unspent TXs.

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Hi there and welcome to the forum!

The faucet was indeed down for a bit when you posted but should now be back up and running no problem. For the most updated posts on things like this, it would be best to connect on the stacks-2-testnet channel on the Blockstack Discord - you can join here: https://discord.gg/QXDPpQq


I was able to get some tBTC on one address, so trying the miner with that one. Thanks! Will get on the discord channel.

I know this question is quite old but it’s #1 result on google for the search “stacks fauce” so I guess it deserves to have to real link: