FAQ: Social Media Account Verifications Problems

ISSUE: What is my username for different sites?

Twitter: this is your Twitter handle (mine is larrysalibra ) Note this does not include @
Facebook: this is your facebook “username” – the second part of the URL in your profile (mine is larry.salibra)
LinkedIn: this is the third part of your LinkedIn profile’s address: @aaron 's profile is https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaron-blankstein-2105b2140/ and so his username is aaron-blankstein-2105b2140

ISSUE: My profile shows that I have a valid proof in my browser, but elsewhere it shows invalid

Did you delete the URL of your social proof? If you go into your profile and click on the social proof item and see the URL, can you view that link in your web browser?

Our validation system needs your social proof to be public and viewable when the proof is checked.

ISSUE: My twitter profile won’t validate in my browser

The username that you add in your social proof should be just the name part (mine would be larrysalibra). Note: this does not include the @ prefix.

ISSUE: My Github proof doesn’t verify when using an anonymous gist

The Github social proof is designed to prove you own a given address, an anonymous gist won’t do that, so our libraries don’t validate an anonymous gist. Please repost your proof as a gist associated with your account.

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Is it possible to change the username ? I used my full email address as fb username. Now if I click to “unverified” button then it tries to open up www.facebook.com/[email protected] which is not valid. I am not sure how to update the info…

My Tweet’s URL is https://twitter.com/_nguyenloc/status/924909635764498432
The part “_nguyenloc” is my Twitter username.
Hope it can help.

Click on “Edit” above your profile picture. You get a small pen next to your facebook username. Click that and you can change the username.

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