Fake or Multiple Accounts/IDs

Regarding fake users? that’s great about encryption and data safety, and an id being an id you can trust on Blockchain… but how do you know the id is a real person to begin with. For example in a voting app, how do you know users are legit, and not submitting multiple votes or ‘likes’ or ‘reviews’ through multiple id’s from the same people.


In my opinion this is more of a application specific question.

with Souq - Reviews derive from a cross analysis of if donated is true or false.
(ie if a user donates to the project they are able to leave a Review that actually gets included in the valid reviews) .
I have a specific thread going discussing how this premise is applied to Souq HERE

Tagging @vsund for a response on Voting inclusiveness & validation.

Hope this helps.

I think there are two ways to achieve this: You can either tie the name to enough value that registering many names isn’t profitable (that’s why names have at cost at all, otherwise I’d be able to register every available name for nothing), or you can check some attributes a user gave himself. These are e.g. social proofs for Github, Twitter, Facebook and so on.
You can’t eliminate the chance completely, but you can try your best to do so.

For some decisions people vote on, the normal price of a name might not be enough to stop people from voting with multiple names, so you could increase the value behind it with letting users burn a certain amount. In some other cases, you could specify a list of names which are allowed to vote (e.g. you like to vote on your companies 5-year plan).