Failure to register a $

I’ve tried to register a .id name through my web browser and whilst the process appears to work, apparently it should only take an hour, no BTC is being removed from my wallet and the registration fails without any error.

All help gratefully received!

@kralrin Did the browser give you a registration sent message?

Yes it did, but as nothing had change a day later I tried to register again with the same result.

If you DM me the name you tried to register and your wallet address I can try to diagnose your problem. Also would be great if you can send any console or network logs from your web browser when you tried to register. Are you using or a downloaded version?

A public thanks to @yukan for sorting this out, it was quite simply down to not having enough BTC in my wallet. Having upped the 0.0007 BTC in my wallet to 0.0017 BTC the registration seems to be going through.

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