Failed to transfer funds in 0.19.0

Hi, I managed to get decentralised login working in v 0.14 but since then through upgrades from v 0.17, 0.18 and 0.19 I’ve had various issues. The latest are my identities ( and seem lost and on trying to get funds from existing wallet into 0.19.0 using http://localhost:8888/wallet/send-core gives me a single error “Withdrawal Failed”.

Can you help me restore my identities and bitcoin balance?

I’m running a node on my mac - does the version of this need to match the browser version? …
mikes-macbook:docker mikey$ blockstack -v

I’ve attached some screen shots…

The login from my app used to work but now leaves me dangling on this screen…

@1HZp4man3vbMzaQAZmY6 Are you seeing any errors in the Javascript console (cmd + option + j)? Also could you share the contents of $HOME/Library/Application\ Support/Blockstack/config/api_endpoint.log?

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Hi Jack, the api endpoint log and logging form the client on hitting http://localhost:8888/profiles is below. Clicking on the profile link just results in a blank page, wallet is empty again. Is there any way to recover?

Have I blown the chance to get some stacks - Is there a way to register without signing in via blockstack? I already have social profiles linked to my blockstack id ( but can’t access this via the browser to register?

Just tried again in V 0.20.1 - the error is more specific here…

Can I recover my identities using the transfer command

blockstack transfer
is the recipient address the wallet address?

Bit more info,

I managed to recover the http://localhost:8888/profiles page by editing: ~/Library/Application\ Support/Blockstack/portal/js/main.js

  var identityIndex = this.props.defaultIdentity | 0;

There was also a python issue whereby

blockstack api start

worked fine but then

blockstack api status

threw a python unexpected exit exception.

Running the following upgrade fixed this problem…

sudo pip install blockstack --upgrade --ignore-installed six

blockstack -v

In summary, I have an edit in …/portal/js/main.js which allows the profile page to display. Lost the bitcoin from old wallet (/wallet/send-core reports withdrawal failed). I have two orphaned identities (, which I need to import into the new v 0.20.1 wallet in order to register for the token sale.

Is there any way to do this?