Facebook account can't be verified


The same problem as many others: Can’t verify my facebook account.
Look at:

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Hi, thank you for the feedback.

We are aware in general social proofs are buggy and working on fixes and considering deprecating them long term.

The reason we are considering deprecating them long term as I understand it at the moment is two fold:

  1. We want to move away from validating centralised social networks as a form of valid identification.

  2. Social media sites don’t want to be used this way, and intentionally change their DOMs so that parsing them breaks, making maintenance on this feature burdensome and ongoing in comparison to more value added functionality that supports decentralised growth.

However alot of developers and users like them and there is not a formalised outcome yet.

You can see the discussion here: Social proofs: Anyone care?

In the meantime, we apologise for offering this as production level functionality that is known to be buggy. We are working on improving this while it is in production regardless of whether it gets deprecated long term. @jeffd may have more updates and/or feedback on this.

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I am sorry if my question seems not intelligent to you guys, but why social media wouldn’t like to be used for validation? So far every new website I open offers me to register with Facebook, Instagram and so on. So it is about crypto?

I don’t think so. But let’s wait for the OP answer

@CryptoInterested I am not sure what the question is. We do have social media verification. It happens to be buggy due to the technical nature of it.

Some want to use it, some do not care, some think it is validating centralised networks and therefore do not. Based on the ongoing discussion: No formal decision has been made about deprecation that I know of.

You can read or become apart of that conversation linked above, which might get you more responses from people specifically debating whether social proofs should exist, as opposed to handling the bug reports for the current technical implementation, which is more what this thread is based on.

Usually not all the people show there real names in social media. I guess that’s the reason why such validation method is not preferrable.