Explain username Pricing and Process better

Would be fantastic if the username registration pricing and process was explained up front. Transparency will minimize the number of questions and complaints on this topic. The whitepaper explanation is great, but nowhere after I installed the application and tried to register did I see anything about how a usernames length has any relation to the price for registering it.

In addition, the surprise of a payment is a huge turnoff to bring people onto the network.

There’s already a way to register a name under the subdomain of a Dapp–Stealthy for example does this. So right now I also have the ID “kitsana.stealthy.id” and I didn’t have to pay anything for it; I simply requested it through the Stealthy crew.

The Dapp developer haa to pay a small fee in order to register names in a batch of sub-domains, but this will be a way for users to get an actual “ID” without having to pay an upfront cost for it.

Thats great but there was no way to know that by launching and using the app as a new user. Also, as a side note, what incentives does the dapp developer to pay for your ID?

If you open up Stealthy and don’t have a username already (besides the string that’s created with your account when you create it) it’ll prompt you for registering one under the Stealthy subdomain.

And the fee for registering names under your subdomain is very small; I’m not sure the exact amount but @jude wrote about it in other post.