Evangelists + dApp Creators

We’re opening our evangelist meeting to the community and we’re inviting dApp creators to join. If you want feedback on how to better position your dApp, let us know! We’re opening 15-20 mins of our bi-weekly community call for a breakout session to offer various kinds of community support.

Our community members have various backgrounds such as UI/UX, Business Development, Marketing and more. We can give you insights on how to have a :point_down:

  • Better on-boarding process.
  • Product Market fit
  • How to launch and attract users
  • How to devise a business model and more…

Also, we have technical evangelists and engineers that we can bring in to help you over your technical hurdles.

Now is the time for shared learning and “WE” as a community can be critical of each other in order to push our vision into adoption!

:e-mail:Shoot us a message if you’re a dApp creator and want the community to review your dApp. (@L or @Shannon in Slack)