Evangelist Toolkit

This is a resource for Evangelists that will be regularly updated with new materials as they become available. It contains things like templates, presentations, links, and more. In time, we’ll make this a wiki so everyone can contribute, for now please leave things you’d like to see added in the comments.

Resources and Important Links

Slide templates

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Awesome! I love the slide templates. It’s extremely helpful. :heart_eyes:

I am still reviewing the resources provided in this thread. From what I can see I’d like to propose a similar standard used by Free Code Camp for the submission of tutorials be followed. Yes, I was born in the age of ISO.

I use FCC as an example for two reasons:
1.) They have been around for over 3 years and have tested many different approaches to teaching beginners (non-tech people) how to code.
2.) There are many participants in this program itching to get into the blockchain space and are extremely frustrated with smart contracts. I had to stop moderating my local FCC group when I deleted Facebook. I haven’t forgotten them. I just need a safe place for them to land.

The blockstack project is filled with fantastic experts in their discipline, quite used to speaking to peers. Once you’ve had an ‘ah ha’ moment its hard to go back to lost. I am an IT professional who has fallen through the cracks. I understand the concepts you speak, however, I’m completely stuck on action steps, where to begin, the breakdown (i.e front-end, back-end, etc.). I’ve discovered its easier to teach experts the needs of the n00b than to try and match their knowledge by myself. Better known as tech support when you are a normal person :slight_smile:

The concept of buying an ID, your equivalent to a domain, is a bit over my head. I can just imagine how it is for someone just feeling good about building a one-page website. And honestly, while it may have been from 3 years of being just plain stuck for me to intuitively understand the advice I was given to complete this tutorial. The actual steps to do it are not that difficult once broken down. For example: in the prerequisite state you will need a basic development environment. For this tutorial, we are going to use Mac/Linux - support for Windows is limited. Then discuss the additional tools needed.

Each tutorial builds on the previous and allows for updating instead a redesign for every change in the technology, which at this point is occurring rather rapidly.

I am selfishly asking for your help so I can one day have a career in this space. It’s going to take time for myself and others to develop the skills to become a competent part of this space. Help them grow with you. You’ll need them when you get there and they’ll be ready.

Thank you.


Thanks for the suggestion IBLoud! We’ll be sure to check out the resources you linked. Better/easier paths for developers to get up to speed with Blockstack is a top priority and then we’d like to find ways to make getting involved for others easy too - these are great ideas for how to do that.


Thanks for the toolkit Mitchell! I’m starting a crypto club at my office and one of our first topics will be DApps. Looking forward to sharing what you guys are working on.

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